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Brand: Comet Model: 5026.0319
Genuine OEM Comet PumpsThe moment you discover your diaphragms are damaged, replace them immediately. Running a diaphragm pump with damaged diaphragms can destroy your pump beyond repair. You can notice the diaphragms are a problem if you see the oil in the sight glass tube is a milky grey c..
$330.00 $576.99
Brand: Comet Model: 6127001200
Pump is designed for small spraying jobs such as greenhouses, pest control, housewashing, landscaping and nurseries. Good for agriculture and chemical transfer, too. Sprays up to 25 feet. For use with gas engines.FEATURES + BENEFITSFull oil bath for moving parts Industrial duty bearings..
$957.00 $1,563.00
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