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Stihl Lopper PL 10
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Brand: Stihl Model: PL 10
Portability that doesn’t compromise its cutting power. The STIHL PL 10 lopper features a specially curved cutting head, giving you a 1” cutting capacity. Its shorter 24” handle is made from durable yet lightweight aircraft aluminum, making it our lightest and most compact lopper. The deep jaws mean ..
Stihl Lopper PL 30
In-Store Pickup Only
Brand: Stihl Model: PL 30
Not too big. Not too small. This lopper is just right for most tree pruning jobs. The STIHL PL 30 lopper features a 28” handle made from lightweight aircraft aluminum, as well as a specialized cutting head for quickly dispatching tree branches up to 2” in diameter. The deep jaws mean that the drop-f..
Stihl Lopper PL 40
In-Store Pickup Only
Brand: Stihl Model: PL 40
It’s time to call in the big guns. The STIHL PL 40 lopper is our largest model, made for higher tree branches that defy lesser tools. Its aircraft aluminum handle measures a full 32”, perfect for reaching taller branches and getting better leverage on all your pruning tasks. Its specially designed c..
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