Services & Repair Rates

Repair and Service   Rates *  
If you have any questions about work that needs to be done, feel free to give us a call or stop by so we can take a look at the equipment.

Mower  - Minor** 

Mower - Major***

Weed Eater- Homeowner

Weed Eater- Commercial

Chainsaw Minor*

Chainsaw Major**

Generator Minor*

Generator Major**

Concrete Saw Minor*

Concrete Saw Major*

Major Riding Lawn Mower










Call for price

Sharpening     Rates 

Sharp blades provides clean and beautiful cuts.  Dull blades do not and require the engines work harder, cause overheat and as a result, can lead to engine failure.

Mower Blade on Machine

Mower Blade off Machine

Hedger Blade Single Sided 30"
                                On Machine 
                                Off Machine

Hedger Blade Single Sided 40"
                                On Machine
                                Off Machine

Hedger Blade Double Sided 
                                On Machine
                                Off Machine

Single Hedger Blade Off Machine  
$12 each

$10 each 

$49 each
$35 each

$59 each
$35 each

 $59 per set
 $35 per set

$25 each 
       Chipper blade 




Hedger Shears

Saw Chain up to 12"

Saw Chain 13"-18"

Saw Chain 19"-25"

Saw Chain 26"-36"
$25 each 

$10 per set 

$10 per set

$12 each 

$10 per set 





  Ax Single sided

Ax Double sided


*All service and repairs are on a case by case basis the costs provided above are estimates. 

** Minor service includes but limited to the following-

   If the engine runs, all major parts are present and in good working order.
    -Replace air filters
    -Spark plugs
    -Change oil
    -Adjust engine RPM to spec
    -Sharpen blades when applicable.  

*** Major service includes but not limited to the following- 

   If  the engine is not running, stalls, or is missing parts.
    -Minor service
    -Fuel system service
    -Compression test
    -Any other adjustments needed.

All repairs come with a 90 day guarantee.