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Kitchen Knife

Brand: Japanese Kitchen Knife Model: Chef Knife, Kitchen Knife General Purpose 180mm/7
The best knife you can buyOnce you use this one, you don't want to use any other cheap oneHave the job done quick, easy and enjoyableVery comfortable, won't rustBest knife from Japan.5 star review on AmazonTop Customer Reviews5.0 out of 5 starsI love this knifeBy RHP3 on October 19, 2015Ve..
Model: Block Plane White #2 Steel
The product made in Japanese  Blacksmith: 3rd generation Tsunesaburo Blade set at: 41 degree Blade angle: 28 degree Type of steel: White steel #2, forge-welded to soft iron Dai (body) wood: White oak Dai (body) length: Ranges from 4.75" to 6.5" depending on the width of blade ..
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