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Multiquip DLW300ESA1 Welder 300A w/10.5kW Tier4 GFCI
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Brand: Multiquip Model: DLW300ESA1
FeaturesDelivers up to 300 amps as a welder with the convenience of 10.5 kW of AC power as a generator Can draw simultaneous AC power while welding Amazing voltage regulation @ 1.5% (+/-) Tier 4 final Kubota diesel - Model D722 Arc Force control allo..
$14,103.00 $15,540.00
Multiquip DLW330X2 Welder/Generator 340A Dual, 10.5kW Tier 4 GFCI
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Brand: Multiquip Model: DLW330X2
FeaturesThe convenience of one-man or two-man operation to increase productivity Independent controls and up to 200 amps for each operator or 340 for one operator E-mode improves fuel efficiency by allowing the operator t weld with the engine at idle speed at up to 200 amps Arc Force ..
$17,220.00 $22,500.00
Multiquip DLW400ESA4 Welder/Generator 400A Dual 14kW Tier 4F GFCI
-23 % Pre-Order
Brand: Multiquip Model: DLW400ESA4
Features Draws simultaneous AC power while welding The convenience of one-man or two-man opeation Delivers up to 400 amps as a welder, 14kW of AC power Arc force control allows the operator to fine tune DC current during low voltage welding conditions and helps prevent elect..
$21,142.00 $27,370.00
Multiquip GAW180HEA/ GAW180HEANC Welder/Generator
-25 % Pre-Order
Brand: Multiquip Model: GAW180HEA/ GAW180HEANC
Multiquip's gas powered 180-amp welder leads the industry in its class with the compact permanent magnet generator design which lightens the weight of the unit while the Inverter technology maintain the quality output contractors demand.FeaturesInverter technology improve..
$4,932.00 $6,600.00
Brand: Klutch Model: 44451
This powerful Klutch® 7500K Arc Welder/Generator with Kohler Engine and Wheel Kit produces 6,600 Watt surge power and 6,000 Watts of continuous power and delivers 60–185 Amp DC welding output, making it a great choice for a variety of applications. This versatile welder/generator handles carbon stee..
Brand: Klutch Model: 62502
Klutch 62502  MP140Si MIG Welder Multi Processes Inverter MIG Flux-Cored Arc TIG 120V This 120 Volt Klutch® Multi-Process MIG Welder is a versatile, professional-grade inverter-based welder built to handle industrial and commercial tasks including MIG, Flux-Core, DC Stick, and DC TIG w..
Brand: Klutch Model: 96572
Klutch 96572 MP230SiDV LCD MIG Welder Multi-Processes Inverter MIG Flux-Cored Arc TIG 120V/230VThis Klutch® MP230SiDV LCD MIG Multi-Process Welder with LCD Display and Spool Gun features an LCD control screen that quickly and easily walks the user through setup. The efficient inverter-powered sy..
Brand: Klutch Model: 96578
Klutch 96578 MP251SiLCD Inverter-Powered Multi-Process Welder LCD MIG Torch Lift Start TIG Torch Inverter MIG Flux-Cored Stick TIG 230VThe Klutch Multi-Process Welder with MIG Torch and Lift Start TIG Torch features LCD interface control that allows easy welder setup, taking away the guesswork b..
Brand: Klutch Model: 96583
Klutch 96583 ST201iDV Dual Voltage DC Arc Welder TIG Function Inverter 120V/230VProfessional Klutch® ST201iDV Dual Voltage TIG/Stick DC welder with High Frequency, inverter, and PFC (Power Factor Correction) Technology. Dual Voltage power allows for welding with 120V/230V, DC weld output for wel..
Multiquip BDW180MC Welder
Sold Out and Discontinued
Brand: Multiquip Model: BDW180MC Welder
Multiquip's new BDW180MC Battery-Powered Welder delivers premium performance with true DC Power.True DC Power Rechargable battery powered quiet with no exhaust fumes Weld and recharge at the same time   DC Voltage 26.8 V..
Multiquip DAW500SA4 Welder 500A AC 3kW w/GFCI Tier 4 final
-22 % Pre-Order
Brand: Multiquip Model: DAW500SA4
Features500 amp DC output & 3 kW AC CC and CV welding capabilities Voltage regulation is maintained at ±10% Showcases a clean burning Tier 4 final EPA-approved Kubota diesel engine  Electric-start, Lifting bail, external oil/fuel drains come as standard fe..
$31,344.00 $40,000.00
Multiquip GAW135H/ GAW135HNC Welder/Generator, Honda GX200
-24 % Pre-Order
Brand: Multiquip Model: GAW135H/ GAW135HNC
Coming in at only 114 pounds, Multiquip's 135-amp welder is the number one choice for those hard to reach areas with its maintenance free permanent magnet generator design. This unit maintains the quality output contractors demand and have come to expect.Features135 ..
$3,098.00 $4,100.00
Multiquip SDW225SSA1 Welder/ Generator  Welder225A 6kWTier4F
Sold Out and Discontinued
Brand: Multiquip Model: SDW225SSA1 Welder Generator
FeaturesFull instrumentation including controls for both CC and CV SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, GTAW and ACAC welding processes Operates as a 6kW generator and 225-amp welder Regulates voltage at 2% Brushless generator reduces overall maintenance Tier 4 Kubota diesel engine Z482 Low n..
Brand: Tomahawk Model: TWG120A
The Tomahawk TWG120A Welder Generator is designed for high power and durability. Ideal for farms, workshops, or any job that requires electrical power and CC (constant current) stick welding. Producing up to 120 Amps of DC output with a 60% duty cycle, it is suitable for welding from 6010 rods up to..
Brand: Tomahawk Model: TWG210A
The Tomahawk TWG210A Generator / Welder is designed for high power and durability. Ideal for farms, construction sites, or any job that requires electrical power and CC (constant current) stick welding. Producing up to 210 Amps of DC output with a 60% duty cycle, it is suitable for welding from 6010..
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