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Stihl Precision Hedge Shear

Featuring strong, ergonomic handles with shock absorbers and high carbon steel blades, these hedge s..

$0.00 $89.99

Stihl Heavy Duty Hedge Shear

Classic oak handles, corrosion-resistant cold forged steel blade and premium edges provide durabilit..


Stihl Adjustable Hedge Shear

Nickel plated high carbon blades produce high cutting strength and rust and sap resistance. These te..


Stihl Lopper PL 40

It’s time to call in the big guns. The STIHL PL 40 lopper is our largest model, made for higher tree..

$0.00 $99.99

Stihl Lopper PL 30

Not too big. Not too small. This lopper is just right for most tree pruning jobs. The STIHL PL 30 lo..

$0.00 $89.99

Stihl Lopper PL 10

Portability that doesn’t compromise its cutting power. The STIHL PL 10 lopper features a specially c..

$0.00 $79.99

Stihl Hand Pruner PP 80

If you have large hands, the PP 80 hand pruner from STIHL is like a well-tailored suit for your fing..


Stihl Hand Pruner PP 70

Tough, sharp and made to last. The PP 70 hand pruner from STIHL is just the sort of rough-and-tumble..


Stihl Hand Pruner PP 60

Small hands everywhere are giving big applause to the STIHL PP 60 hand pruner. Finally, a powerful p..


Stihl Hand Pruner PP 40

Snip through your day with smooth precision. The STIHL PP 40 hand pruner features a longer, wider bl..


Stihl Hand Pruner PP 30

You don’t have to be Hercules to tackle overgrowth in your landscape. The STIHL PP 30 hand pruner is..


Stihl Hand Pruner PP10

The STIHL PP 10 hand pruner is lightweight, solid and dependable. Its die-cast body holds up under h..