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Carpet Installation

Crain 076 Vinyl Roller
Brand: Crain Model: 076
Features and BenefitsSolid steel rollers provide long, trouble-free service Detachable handle Case/Wheel kit included ..
Brand: Crain Model: 152B
Features and BenefitsTough, durable alloy steel & plated Tapered blade edge is rounded to prevent puncturing..
Brand: Crain Model: 184
 Includes a pack of 12 carpet trimmer blades. They are for use in popular carpet wall trimmers including Crain No. 245 and No. 246. These blades are bevel ground on the top surface only to prevent the trimmer from rising and producing a fuller cut than desired. ..
Crain 245 Deluxe Carpet Trimmer
Brand: Crain Model: 245
Features and BenefitsTop-loading blades and four-position throat Handle and height adjustments Stainless steel wall runner and base Includes one blade ..
Brand: Crain Model: 300
Features and BenefitsTakes utility, slotted razor, or Crain 300Y blades With utility or 300Y blades, tool cuts from the backing and prevents shearing of yarns Improved reinforcing rib helps it track straight in the row Metal springs keep carpet from raising up..
Brand: Crain Model: 300Y
Features and BenefitsA pack of 10 replacement blades Fits the Crain No. 300 Loop Pile Cutter These blades have two holes for a blade holding screw, will work on early models of the No. 300 (black plastic body), and on later models of the cutter. The blades cut the carpet from the backin..
Brand: Crain Model: 375
This stand-up scraper use 8" wide heavy-duty replaceable blades to take on tough removal jobs. The telescoping handle uses a twist-lock mechanism to easily adjust from 39" to 59" in length. This durable model features a steel-reinforced scraper head, and the blade clamp is attached to the head with ..
Crain 445 Knee Kicker
Brand: Crain Model: 445
Features and BenefitsBest ever body construction Dura-Rack construction Blueprinted precision trigger engagement Genuine natural rubber bumper, no synthetic foam Power rods supporting the pin plate and pin depth assembly Three year warranty ..
Brand: Crain Model: 500
Features and BenefitsAdjusts from 37" to 23' Fits in included single case Driving head has adjustable locking feature for partial stretches 3 standard size extension tubes interchangeable with other popular models Includes the 501 Auto-Lok Tube ..
Brand: Crain Model: 505
Features and BenefitsTelescoping steel tubes with five settings for length adjustment, ranging from 21" to 24 1/2" Double-engagement buttons eliminate hole elongation Wide head features 3 replaceable nap grips Replaceable square bumper is foam-filled, and features a tough, seamless, neo..
Brand: Crain Model: 518
Features and BenefitsProvides a simple means of stretching and forming carpet around stair nosing Pulling action of teeth stretches the carpet across the stair while the bottom side tucks it up under the stair nose Recesses in the bottom edge make for easy stapling..
Crain 525 Wide Knee Kicker Crain 525 Wide Knee Kicker
Call 510-761-1112 for info
Brand: Crain Model: 525
The No. 525 has a wider gripping head with four gripper inserts and an extra row of hardened steel pins (19 total). It moves a wider section of carpet with every kick. It also has our extra-thick bumper to absorb more impact. The telescoping steel tube construction is highly durable. The double butt..
Brand: Crain Model: 635
Features and BenefitsThe Opto Power Tacker has a ruggedized electronic control board including an optical sensor that fires in response to the motion of a tough sliding trigger The delicate mechanical microswitch of previous tackers, which frequently required repair, has been eliminated T..
Brand: Crain Model: 730
Features and BenefitsEasy-to-grasp thumb knob for quick opening Knurled anti-slip brightly polished surface Cast of lightweight aluminum Blades sold separately ..
Brand: Crain Model: 777
FeaturesExtended spindle, low-profile cutting head Flush-mounted blade For removing old underlayment Hinged depth adjustment plate has five settings for common underlayment thicknesses including 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", or 3/4" Also includes a clutch mechanism that may disengage to red..
Brand: Crain Model: 805
Replacement 6 1/2" diameter masonry blade for Crain No. 800 Super Saw, No. 810 Super Saw, No. 812 Super Saw, No. 820 Heavy-Duty Undercut Saw, or No. 825 Heavy Duty Undercut Saw. This is a dry abrasive cutting composition blade for use in undercutting masonry walls or hearths. Produces ..
Brand: Crain Model: 835
FeaturesUndercuts walls, jambs, corners, and even most toe-spaces Can fully undercut most doors in place Dust control Includes: 836 Carbide blade and 805 masonry blade, carrying case, spanner wrench, and instructionsSpecificationsMotor: 120 Volt AC Amperage: 13 Max Cutt..
Brand: Crain Model: 855
Features and BenefitsThe Crain 855 Wood Miter makes fast angle cuts in quarter round and eliminates the need for a chop saw. The cutting anvil has guide stops for straight cuts, as well as 22.5° or 45° angles. The 22.5° angle gauge is used to make soft corners, while the 45° angle allows..
Brand: Crain Model: 856
Features and BenefitsIncludes one each replacement blade for the Crain No. 855 Wood Mitre used to make angle cuts in wood quarter round. This stout, 2 ½" long blade is sharp enough and strong enough to shear cut wood materials cleanly. Made from high carbon steel for long life..
Brand: Crain Model: 903
This replacement iron tray holds Crain 3 inch irons and other popular 3 inch seaming irons. The spring clips are riveted to the tray for durability. Angled clip design facilitates "hands-free" re-insertion of the iron into the tray. Long-lasting all-steel construction. Net weight: 8 oz. ..
Crain 906 Heat Bond Iron Kit
Brand: Crain Model: 906
Features and BenefitsSuper low profile, ultra-narrow handle Comes with Teflon coated base Dual lights - power on plus heating Grooved base and tip 12' long HSJO cord Riveted tray UL listed Includes 905 tool, steel case, and a 25' 3-prong extension cord ..
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