Introduction:   Hiro is one of the famous knife making company in Seki, Japan. Hiro knives feature a thin blade with a professional grade VG-10 stainless steel core, many layers of laminated stainless Damascus cladding and a full-tang quince hardwood handle. VG-10 steel was first developed in Takefu, in the Fukui Prefecture of Japan. The region was formerly known as Echizen province and was a major cutlery and sword-making center for centuries. In addition to its excellent edge-retention and resilience against rust, you can tell VG-10 is great because it means "gold" and "10." With the unique design of the handle and blade cutting performance helps the user feel comfortable and less effort while enjoy doing the cooking    Description:   * Brand Hiro forged with nickle damascus stainless steel blade. * VG-10, one of the most popular steel in Japanese knife  * Paring knife 75mm (2.95″) * Used for thinning out fruits, vegetable...etc * Quince wood handle * Great gift to your loved ones. * Made with nickle layers * Stay sharp a long time scr-chr-500-075   Specification:   * Blade steel: VG-10 * Blade length: 75mm (2.95") * Overall length: 7.25″ * Overall weight: 0.15lbs * Blade bevel: Double equal bevel.   Maintenance:   * Wash and keep dry after each use.  * No overnight in dishwashing machine.  * Do not use on frozen food and bones..
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Description:* Brand Seto Hamono Damascus* VG-10, one of the most popular stainless steel in Japanese knife * Paring knife 75mm (2.95″)* Used for small slicing, fruits* Wear and corrosion resistant. * Great gift to your loved ones.* 33 layers* Stay sharp a long timescr-cse510-075Specification:Blade steel: VG-10 Stainless SteelBlade length: 2.95"Overall length: 7.25″Overall weight: 0.15lbsBlade bevel: Double equal bevel.Maintenance:* Wash and keep dry after each use. * No overnight in dishwashing machine. * Apply Camellia oil regularly to maintain a rust free blade and maintain longevity.* Properly sharpened* Do not use on frozen food and bones..
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