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Multiquip B46H11H Trowel 46" Blades With Honda GX340

4-blade, 46", Honda GX340, 10.7HP, Min 90-155 Max RPM blade speedHandle OptionsQXH Quick-PitchSXH St..

$3,410.00 $2,895.00

Multiquip B46H90 Trowel 4-blades 46" with Honda GX270

4-blade, 46", Honda GX270, 8.5 HP, Min 60-130 Max RPM blade speedHandle OptionsQXH Quick-PitchSXH St..

$3,295.00 $2,895.00

Multiquip BH11C Trowel 46" Blades Friction Clutch With Honda GX340

4-Blade,46", Honda GX340,10.7 HP, Min 60-130 Max RPM blade speed.46-inch (1170mm) guard ring di..

$3,585.00 $3,122.00

Multiquip BH90C Trowel 46" Blades Friction Clutch Honda GX270

4-blade, 46", Honda GX 270, 8.5, Min 60-130 Max RPM blade speed.46-inch (1170mm)guard ring diam..

$3,515.00 $2,979.00


We offer free shipping and fast ship to your door,Standard handle included, optional quick pitch han..

$3,198.00 $2,895.00

Multiquip CA4HC Trowel

Please note: This unit does not come with the handleQuick pitch handle P/N QPHAFCStandard handle P/N..

$2,625.95 $2,349.50

Multiquip CA4HM Trowel Include Quick Pitch Handle

4-blade, 24", Honda GX120, 3.5 HP, Min 70-130 Max RPM blade speed, manual clutchThis compact design ..

$2,935.00 $2,549.95

Multiquip HDA48413H Trowel 48" Blades Honda GX390

4-blade, 48", Honda GX390, 11.7 HP, Min 35-225 Max blade speedHandle OptionsQXHD Quick-PitchSXHD Sta..

$5,325.00 $4,490.00

Multiquip HHNG5 Ride-On Trowel

35HP Briggs & Stratton V-Twin Big Block,Non-overlapping,48",twin five-blade rotorsMultiquip intr..


Multiquip HTN28KTCSL Ride-On Trowel

Non-Overlapping twin 48" 28HP Kohler engineConcrete finishers get the flattest floors with the tried..


Multiquip HTXD6i Ride-On Trowel Sold Out and Discontinued

Multiquip HTXD6i Ride-On Trowel

New Model: HTX6H $58845.00Please note: This model is being replaced by a different model and will be..


Multiquip HTXG6DF Ride-On Trowel

68-HP PSI,Gasoline-LP Dual Fuel,Non-overlapping,twin six blade rotorsThe MQ Whiteman HTX-Series..


Multiquip J3036H55 Trowel 30/36 " Convertible Blades with Honda GX160

4-Blade,30"/36",Honda GX160, 4.8 HP, Min 60-115 Max RPM blade speed.Handle Options QXH Quick-Pi..

$2,915.00 $2,350.00

Multiquip J36E2 Trowel 36" Blades Includes Standard Pitch Electric Handle

4-Blade,36",2 HP Electric,230V,60hz, Min 30-160 Max RPM blade speedThe Whiteman J-Series J36E2  ..

$4,280.00 $3,495.00

Multiquip J36H55 Medium Sized Walk behind Trowel 36" Blades

Handle optionsSXH Standard HandleQXH Quick-Pitch handle4-blade,36", Honda GX160 4.8HP, Min 60-115 Ma..

$2,705.00 $2,299.00