Kawamura Choyo Chef Knife Blue Steel 240mm (9.44") Made In Sakai Japan

Kawamura Choyo Chef Knife Blue Steel 240mm (9.44") Made In Sakai Japan

Sakai Kikumori is one of the high-class brand just for professional use for a long time in Japan. Sakai knives have been evolving in the last 600 years.
Sakai is the city known best as a home of cutlery for the professionals in Japan and the Kikumori is considered as one of the top knife manufactures in the Sakai region.
Kikumori has been developing cooking knives with skillful craftsmen since 1925.  They support the cooking culture by creating traditional, culturally rich knives with great sharpness.


* Brand Sakai Kikumori

* Model: Choyo
* Blade: Blue steel (Aogami) .
This one is the best steel and has highest wear resistance and lowest toughness in Japanese knife
* Chef knife 240mm
* Used for chopping, slicing and dicing ingredients for soups, stews and vegetable platters, fish, meat
* Wear and corrosion resistant. 
* Great gift to your loved ones.
* Stay sharp a long time

* Octagonal handle


Choyo is the Sakai Kikumori's new flagship line. They are each carefully handcrafted using the finest materials with traditional Japanese forging technique by highly skilled blacksmiths of Kawamura Cutlery in Sakai City, Japanese is the best it gets of Japanese laminated steel knives. The Choyo line was started with the idea of creating a knife from very first step of knife forging to the very end with care to every detail as possible. The balance, the beauty, and the performance, this is love at first sight.


Blade steel: Blue Steel

Blade length: 240mm (9 ¾”)

Overall length: 15”

Overall weight:

Blade bevel:




* Wash and keep dry after each use. 
* No overnight in dishwashing machine. 
* Apply Camellia oil regularly to maintain a rust free blade and maintain longevity.
* Properly sharpened
* Do not use on frozen food and bones

Application Professional Chef
Condition New

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