Orec LS360 Power Carrier Trailblazer Transporter With Honda Enigne

Orec LS360 Power Carrier Trailblazer Transporter With Honda Enigne

Hauling firewood over rough terrain? Moving materials up and down stairs? Transporting gravel to build trails? No worries, your Orec Trailblazer Transporter  will do the work for you! With its dual track drive, you can navigate tight corners and over obstacles with no problem. With our Trailblazer Transporter, you’ll be good to go!

Manual Dump

The manual dump allows you to unload soft material and heavy loads.

Track Drive

Our track driver gets you over objects, through rough terrain and around tight corners with ease.

Adjustable Walls

Need to extend or remove a wall to haul your material ? We’ve got you covered. Just turn the handles under the walls, and extend any one two or all three of the front walls, secure your material and go.

Brake Steering

Grad a lever to turd the machine – it’s as simple as that. No lifting or pushing required.

Standard Parking Brake

The Traiblazer comes equipped with a transmission parking brake that will keep your load secure when the machine is stopped on slopes or uneven ground

Shipping: 60"L X 31"W X 27"H Weight 381 LBS




                  Honda GX120

Net Power

                  3.5 HP (SAEJ1349)

Max. Payload

                         650 lbs

Bed Size ( normal )

                  36’’ L x 23’’ W

Bed Size ( Expand )

                  43’’ L x 37’’ W


               56’’L x 27’’W x 43’’H


OREC Heavy duty HST differential                   lock/unlock

Track size

6 1/4’’ wide track with steed reinforcement.

Ground Speeds

2 Forward: 0.9,2.1(mph)

2 Reverse: 0.9,2.1(mph)


                         230 lbs

Power source Gas
Application Commercial
Condition New

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