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Multiquip SAPSS01 SlabArmor™ Plus Seal & Shine, 1 Gallon Jug

Multiquip SAPSS01 SlabArmor™ Plus Seal & Shine, 1 Gallon Jug
Multiquip SAPSS01 SlabArmor™ Plus Seal & Shine, 1 Gallon Jug
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California Proposition 69 Warning
Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

SlabArmor™ Plus Seal&Shine is a reactive penetrating product which forms an insoluble chemical bond to produce a dense sealed surface, with superior hardness, enhanced gloss and slip resistance.

SlabArmor™ Plus Seal&Shine is a high gloss, stain and wear resistant finish for improving sheen, hardness, and chemical resistance of SlabArmor™ and SlabArmor™ Plus floors.

The unique reactive penetrating properties of SlabArmor™ Plus Seal&Shine ensure that this finish is resistant to blushing and does not yellow, chip, peel, or flake with age and exposure. This easy-touse finish is tough, mark resistant, fast drying, and non-streaking which provides superior clarity and improved stain resistance. Periodic recoating requires no stripping and surface prep is simplified by the use of SlabArmor™ Plus Clean&Condition prior to application.

SlabArmor™ Plus Seal&Shine is also ideal for ground, honed, and polished surfaces as well as integrally colored, dyed and/or stained concrete as it also enhances the natural color intensity.

Primary Applications

  • Sealing New Concrete
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Concrete that will receive a covering
  • Polished Concrete
  • Institutional Facilities
  • Retail Showrooms
  • Industrial Floor Slabs

Features & Benefits

  • Produces a refined surface with a highly reflective gloss
  • Enhances and protects integral color decorative surfaces
  • Superior hardness increases life expectancy of the
  • concrete surface
  • High abrasion resistance reduces surface wear and
  • increases project life expectancy
  • Reduces surface permeability
  • Dust proof, non-marking, easy to clean for reduced maintenance costs
  • Resistant to blushing and does not yellow, chip, peel, or flake with age or exposure
  • Fast drying and quick curing reduces project down time
  • Environmentally Responsible

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