Honda | 16100Z6L023 | Carburetor (Bk05A C)

Honda | 16100Z6L023 | Carburetor (Bk05A C)

This carburetor fits these engines:

GX690R (Type BXF)(VIN# GCBGK-1000001) Small Engine            GX690R (Type TAF)(VIN# GCBGK-1000001) Small Engine

GX690R (Type BAF)(VIN# GCBGK-1000001) Small Engine            GX690R (Type TDW)(VIN# GCBGK-1000001) Small Engine

GX690R (Type BDW)(VIN# GCBGK-1000001) Small Engine            GX690R (Type TXA2)(VIN# GCBGK-1000001) Small Engine

GX690R (Type TXF7)(VIN# GCBGK-1000001) Small Engine            GX630 (Type QKW1)(VIN# GCBBK-1000001-9999999) Engine

GX630 (Type QWD)(VIN# GCBBK-1000001-9999999) Engine            GX630 (Type QWF)(VIN# GCBBK-1000001-9999999) Engine

GX630 (Type SAE1)(VIN# GCBBK-1000001-9999999) Engine            GX630 (Type VZE1)(VIN# GCBBK-1000001-9999999) Engine

GX630 (Type VZE8)(VIN# GCBBK-1000001-9999999) Engine            GX660 (Type TAF5)(VIN# GCBCK-1000001-9999999) Engine

GX660 (Type TXF3)(VIN# GCBCK-1000001-9999999) Engine            GX660 (Type VAY)(VIN# GCBCK-1000001-9999999) Engine

GX690 (Type TAF5)(VIN# GCBDK-1000001-9999999) Engine            GX690 (Type TXF3)(VIN# GCBDK-1000001-9999999) Engine

GX690 (Type VAY)(VIN# GCBDK-1000001-9999999) Engine            GX630R (Type KAF)(VIN# GCBEK-1000001-9999999) Engine

GX630R (Type KWF)(VIN# GCBEK-1000001-9999999) Engine            GX630R (Type KXA)(VIN# GCBEK-1000001-9999999) Engine

GX630R (Type KXF)(VIN# GCBEK-1000001-9999999) Engine            GX630R (Type QAF)(VIN# GCBEK-1000001-9999999) Engine

GX630R (Type QAF2)(VIN# GCBEK-1000001-9999999) Engine            GX630R (Type QDF)(VIN# GCBEK-1000001-9999999) Engine

GX630R (Type QXA)(VIN# GCBEK-1000001-9999999) Engine            GX690R (Type KXA)(VIN# GCBGK-1000001-9999999) Engine

GX690R (Type KXF)(VIN# GCBGK-1000001-9999999) Engine

Factory genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Honda Power Equipment part. Shipping note: In order to serve you better, part/s are shipped directly from our warehouse within 2 to 4 business days. We cannot stock every single parts. If the part/s that we don’t have in stock. You will be notified within 1-2 business days with the ETA so you can decide to wait or cancel the order. Additional shipping cost may apply if more than one brands on the same order. When placing part order, please let us know if you want to be shipped complete or partially. As always, we appreciate your business and the confidence you have placed in us. Question about parts, you can always email us at:

Power source Gas
Application Commercial
Condition New

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