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Shipp S-20 Disk Pad Assist Automatic Scrubber , 130 AH (855401)

Shipp S-20 Disk Pad Assist Automatic Scrubber , 130 AH (855401)
Shipp S-20 Disk Pad Assist Automatic Scrubber , 130 AH (855401)
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California Proposition 69 Warning
Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

S-20 Pad Assist It is driven by the motion of the brush. There is no separate drive system to pull the machine along. This is usually plenty unless you have a ramp you want to drive it up. Comes with 2 130 AH wet batteries/off board charger. Maintenance free batteries are available and an on-board charger is available. 


  • Daily scrubbing & project work (deep scrub or strip jobs) of smaller facilities 
  • Dedicated facility or multi-facility route cleaning programs 
  • Small rooms, detail & edge cleaning in larger facilities 
  • Chemical-free finish removal! (orbital) 
  • Grout and porous floor scrubbing 
  • Entry-ways & lobbies 
  • Check-out aisles 
  • Spill clean-up & water recovery


  • Training graphics are on the control panel. New or experienced operators learn as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  • Clean on your schedule with sound levels down to 63 dBA.
  • Transport the machine without worry with frame and tank tie down points.
  • Don't kneel or strain your back again with automatic on/off brush system.


Solution Capacity

11 gal.

Solution Control

0-.5 gpm, variable, knob adjustment

Pad/Brush Size

(1) 20"


Per hour theoretical max: 23,800 ft2; average coverage rate: 10,630 ft2

Pad pressure/Pad speed

60 & 90 lb/230 rpm

Recovery Tank Capacity

13 gal. (2 gal demisting chamber)

Vac Motor CFM

68 cfm

Squeegee Width


System Voltage



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