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ART 39799 Ropeguide Twinline Friction Saver

ART 39799 Ropeguide Twinline Friction Saver
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ART 39799 Ropeguide Twinline Friction Saver
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California Proposition 69 Warning
Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

The RopeGuide system is new and offers for the first time the possibility to install the RopeGuide very easily from the ground. An action can be used to set up two seil lines to the anchor point. The ascent can take place optionally on the single cable or on the running double rope.
For the first time, the long anchor cable can be used as a fully loadbearing, second climbing cable. This is made possible by the detachable knotted sleeve made of the high-strength plastic which is patent-pending. At any time, a second person can ascend at the same time, ascending, or climb directly to the first climber in a rescue
According to EN 795 B (temporary stop means), CEN / TS 16415: 2013 (use with two people at the same time) and according to EN 355: 2002 (shock absorber) certified
The Ropeguide TwinLine profile:

  • Patent
  • Mobile anchor point
  • Integrated ZipAbsorber (absorbing systems )
  • Installation and removal of the long-rope system from the ground
  • Optional use with spliced ART short cable or long anchoring (Ø 10 and 12 mm) according to EN 1891
  • Long-rope system: 2002
  • Constructed aluminum body and attachments made from the solid in the machining process
  • Easy running of the climbing rope through the Cocoon
  • Infinitely adjustable length
  • Trapeze 4 shackles
  • Easy re-tightening of the rope with anchor change by the auxiliary roller Ally (no PSA)
  • Automatic blocking of the adjusting without path loss
  • Easy loosening and shifting the adjustment even after heavy loads
  • Lightweight lifts of climbing / rope ascent
  • Optimal Choking function (choking concerns on the trunk)
  • Minimum breaking load: 18 kN
  • Max. Service life: 10 years for all metallic and


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