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About our free shipping:

Because most of the items we sell are big and heavy. Our qualified free shipping to 48 lower States only.

When is my order processed?


All order will be processed same day before 2pm. Heavy items and special order will be process from 2-3 days. Your credit card is charged when your order is shipped. If multiple shipments are required to fulfill your order, you will be billed as the items are shipped. Delivery fees and taxes, if applicable, are charged on a pro-rated basis as items are shipped.


How will I know if you've received my order?


When ordering online, you can request to receive an order confirmation via email. Just click on the appropriate box on the payment information page, make sure your email address is correct, and you will receive an email confirming your order after you click on "purchase". Additionally, you will be given your order number on the order confirmation page after you submit your order. Be sure to jot this number down and keep it handy in case you have questions about your order.


What delivery methods are available?


We use USPS, FedEx, UPS for small or light weight and trucking for heavy and large items.


What will it cost me in the way of delivery charges? What is included in your Delivery charge?


Most items are qualified for free shipping, some are not because due to the weight, size and margin. All shipment includes insurance.


Can I ship items to more than one address when placing my order online?


We are happy to ship items to more than one address, but unfortunately we cannot do so online within a single order at this time. If you would like to place an order with multiple delivery addresses, you can enter separate orders on our Web site, or call us at 1-510-558-1112.


When will I receive my order?


For most in-stock items delivered within the contiguous United States, expect to receive your order within 3-7 business days, depending on your delivery area. For heavy, large and special order items that require to ship via truck expect to receive your order from 3-14 days depending on your area.


If my selection is "backordered," what happens?


Occasionally, a product is more popular than we anticipated and we temporarily run out of stock or items that special. When that happens, we will immediately notify you via email with the anticipated shipping date. Most items that are backordered are expected to arrive in our fulfillment center within 30 days. We ship all ordered items as they become available, so if you have ordered more than one item and any of those items is on backorder, you will receive multiple shipments. You will be billed the total shipping amount on the first shipment. If you prefer, you can also to ask up to hold an order until all available for shipment. Simply contact us at 1-510-558-1112.


An item I've ordered is on backorder and I do not want to wait for it. How can I cancel it?


To cancel any backordered item, call us at 1-510-558-1112 or send us an email and include your name, address and order confirmation number, if known, and the item you wish to cancel. If the item has not already been shipped to you, we will cancel it immediately. If it has already shipped, simply return the items that you do not want and will credit your account for the items returned.


If my selection is "cancelled," what happens?


We do our best to closely monitor inventory levels and keep The Company Store Web site as current as possible, but sometimes, we receive multiple orders for items that are being discontinued and subsequently become permanently unavailable before we are able to remove those products from our site. When that happens, we will notify you that the item has been "cancelled" and may suggest an alternate product. Because we bill you as items are shipped, your credit card will not be charged for any items that are unavailable. If an item is discontinued, we may substitute merchandise of equal or better value. We will call you to inform you that a substitute item is available and will only ship it to you with your permission.


How do I check the status of my order or contact you if I have a question about my order?


If you have any question about your order, including order status, call us at 1-558-1112 or email us. Please include your name, address, and order confirmation number in addition to your question so that we may assist you as quickly as possible.


Where can I find information about past orders?


If you have any question about orders you've made in the past, call us at 1-558-1112 or email us.


Do you ship internationally?


Not at this time.