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Brand: TYROLIT Model: 20007845
All 7” and 9” raised hub dish wheels, except those with ready mount adapters, require mounting with properly designed adapter flanges. ..
Brand: TYROLIT Model: 337383
Silicon carbide grain High performance cut-off wheels especially for aluminum, concrete and stone Fast cutting times on aluminum, bronze, aluminum alloys, copper, brass, nickel, and titanium. Also suitable for cutting masonry materials Consistent free cutting wheel utilizing a non-loading bo..
Brand: TYROLIT Model: 34163152
Significant increase in wheel life and cutting ability Short cutting time, extremely free cutting, rough side-surfaces Superior wear out behavior with stable cutting ability over entire diameter Less noise and vibration Perfect exploitation of raw material leaving 30% less cutting dust...
Brand: TYROLIT Model: 34301855
Aluminum oxide grain Designed for cutting all ferrous metals (or masonry, concrete option) with portable circular saws General purpose wheel with good cut rates and life Integrated diamond knockout adapter SIZE Max RPM Part Cat ..
Brand: TYROLIT Model: 34331624
Aluminum oxide grain General purpose wheel for cutting INOX, steel and stainless steel Good cutting rates and wheel life Excellent price/performance ratio Contaminate-free of iron, sulfur and chlorine, <0.1% SIZE Max RPM Part ..
Brand: TYROLIT Model: 34334098
Premium zirconium grain Suitable for grinding work, deburring, trimming, beveling, cleaning & surface conditioning Extremely long life compared to aluminum oxide discs Suitable for grinding steel, stainless steel and cast materials Contaminate-free of iron, sulfur and chlorine, <0...
Brand: TYROLIT Model: Stringer Bead Knot Wire Wheels For INOX/Stainless
For use on small side grinders Stringer Bead Twist Knot-provides more aggressive cleaning and cutting for the most demanding applications Designed for welds, flux removal and applications where a narrow face is required SIZE Wire Size Arbor ..
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