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Hydro Tek ANT4C Contractor Hydro Twister 4 Casters with Wishbone Handle and Dual Guns

Hydro Tek ANT4C Contractor Hydro Twister 4 Casters with Wishbone Handle and Dual Guns
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Hydro Tek ANT4C Contractor Hydro Twister 4 Casters with Wishbone Handle and Dual Guns
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California Proposition 69 Warning
Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Genuine OEM Hydro Tek

  • 2 of each 15 degrees #1 & #2 size nozzles
  • Up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 57 lbs weight
  • PSI: 4000
  • GPM: 5.5-10
  • Deck Size: 28″
  • 4 Caster Wheels

Comes with 2 guns & hoses ready to clean and utilize all accessories!

The Hydro Twisters are made for daily heavy duty use and come with brush guards to reduce splash on building windows and the operator.
Hydro Twisters have low profile decks which allow them to fit under benches & machinery.
Have less fatigue through the ideal mounted handle. Furthermore enjoy the benefit of a rustproof surface cleaner, stainless steel deck & handle.

Hydro Twisters are heavy duty units for extra stubborn grease or grime, eliminating the need for sop pretreatment in most applications.
Hydro Twisters are industrial-grade flat-surface cleaners that connect to a pressure washer and use a spray bar which is rotating at a high peed just above the ground to clean concrete more consistently and faster and less fatigue than an operator with a wand.
A surface cleaner uses much less water than a hose wash down, too. Hydro Twister surface cleaners can be used with cold water or up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit hot water (check your model how much they can handle!).

The dual trigger guns activate either the rotary spray arm or one of the other three on-board tools. By combining four processes into one unit, you will save time
The Contractor Hydro Twister is the proven choice for professional surface cleaning. Equipped with four tools for your cleaning needs.
The Contractor Twister combines a rotary surface cleaner, spot / gum remover, hydro broom, and an edger to create an all-in-one deluxe surface cleaner.

Hydro Twisters are ideal for:

  • Driveways, Patios & Garages
  • Drive-Thrus, Parking Lots, Factories & Warehouses
  • Concrete Sidewalks, School Yards, Marina Docks, Sport Courts & Stadiums
  • Restroom Floors, Food Processing Floors & Service Stations
  • Roofs, Decks, Loading Docks, Tile Flooring, Mold, Moss & Mildew Removal


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