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Husqvarna 967839508 HTC X8 Floor Grinders & Polishing

Husqvarna 967839508 HTC X8 Floor Grinders & Polishing
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Husqvarna 967839508 HTC X8 Floor Grinders & Polishing
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California Proposition 69 Warning
Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Genuine OEM Husqvarna


  • Large, industrial removal, grinding and polishing projects on concrete, terrazzo and natural stone surfaces.
  • Grinding of wood surfaces.
  • Superfloor concrete polishing.
  • Wet and dry applications.


  • The grinding head design is based on equal portions of precision and strength. The dust tight, hermetically sealed design increases the service life of all components, while increasing grinding precision.
  • Instant and intuitive feedback on your grinding process - thanks to the digital control panel (HMI) and the equally smart remote control unit. It will give you all the control and precision to maximize your grinding performance.
  • The floor grinders with DURATIQ Technology have an ingenious chassis design to allow for easier operation, significantly improved ergonomics and increased safety.
  • The Airflow technology has been further developed into a system that handles airflows in a controlled manner. Along with a new mist cooler system you achieve both optimal grinding effect and service life for your EZ diamond tools
Model HTC T8
Part No.967839507
Rated input power, hp (kW)20 (15)
Voltage, V440-480
Rated current, A30
Grinding pressure, lbs (kg)335-765 (152-347)
Grinding width, in (mm) 31.5 (800)
Revolution speed, RPM430-1,430
Grinding discs, in (mm) 3 x 10.6 (3 x 270)
Weight, lbs (kg)1,144 (519)
Intuitive digital control panelYes
Dust-proof, hermetically
sealed grinding head
Ingenious chassis design
for easy operation
AirFlow technologyYes
Mist cooler systemYes
Weight kits includedYes
Fleet optionYes


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