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Husqvarna 532193350 Ignition Switch

Husqvarna 532193350 Ignition Switch
Husqvarna 532193350 Ignition Switch
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California Proposition 69 Warning
Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Husqvarna ignition switches feature a patented design that are guaranteed to fit and reduce the intrusion of dirt and debris. Corrosion resistant for longer life and certified to meet all safety standards, Husqvarna ignition switches are the perfect way to start any job.


Husqvarna OEM 532193350 Ignition Switch fit up TS142, TS142XCARB50ST, TS146X, TS146XD, TS148X, TS242, TS242XD, TS242XDCARB, TS248G, TS248XD, TS254XG, TS354, TS354XDCARB, YTH2042, LTH17538, TS348D, TS348DCARB, TS348XD, TS354X, TS354XD, YTH18542, YTH18542CARB, YTH1942, YTH22V46, YTH22V46CARB, YTH24V48, YTH24V48CARB, YTH24V54, YTH24V54CARB, YTH1842, YTH20K42, YTA24V48, YTH2246, YTA18542, YTA22V46, YT48XLS, GT52XLS, YTH22V42, LGT2654, LGT48DXL, YTH24K48, YTH24K48D, YTH1846, YTH20V42, YT48DXLS, YT46LS, GTH52XLS, YT42LS, YTH18K46, YTH20V46, YT42DXLS



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