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Essex Silver-Line

Brand: Essex Silver-Line Model: 12″ x 18″ Sandpaper for the 1218R
12″ x 18″ Sandpaper for the 1218R  ITEM No. DESCRIPTION 121820.ESS 20 Grit 121836.ESS 36 Grit 121860.ESS 60 Grit 1218100...
Brand: Essex Silver-Line Model: 7 x 5/16″ Disc for the SL7 Edger
7 x 5/16″ Disc for the SL7 Edger  ITEM No. DESCRIPTION 7516D20 20 Grit 7516D40 40 Grit 7516D60 60 Grit 7516D100 ..
Brand: Essex Silver-Line Model: 8 x 20 3/16″ Sandpaper for the standard SL8
8 x 20 3/16″ Sandpaper for the standard SL8  ITEM No. DESCRIPTION 20SL8.ESS 20 Grit 40SL8 .ESS 40 Grit 60SL8 .ESS 60 Grit ..
Brand: Essex Silver-Line Model: Grit 12" x 18" Screen-Bak
12" x 18" Screen-Bak for 1218R   ITEM No. DESCRIPTION 1218SC80.ESS 80 Grit 1218SC100.ESS 100 Grit ..
Brand: Essex Silver-Line Model: SL1218OVS.ESS
Essex Silver Line’s SL1218OVS 12” x 18” Orbital Polisher/Refinisher offers a 1.5hp motor, rugged cast aluminum base with weight built into the chassis.The fan cooled, sealed Baldor motor is protected from dust. Heavy-duty rubber towers in four corners support the base and plate protecting the mo..
Brand: Essex Silver-Line Model: SL1218R.ESS
Features Applications include: screening floors after sanding, screen and re-coating polyurethane floors, waxed floors scrubbing and polishing, wood deck sanding and refinishing, parquet floor sanding and refinishing, new and pre-finished floor sanding and refinishing, tile maintenance, ..
Brand: Essex Silver-Line Model: SL7.ESS
Features Constructed with interchangeable parts of highly polished aluminum alloys Disc pad is precision balanced and rubber backed with steel Free-wheeling, non-marking disc guard Oversized rerouted chamber vacuum for extra-clean pickup Ball bearings on all revolving parts ..
Brand: Essex Silver-Line Model: SL8.ESS
Features Sealed motor keeps sawdust out and keeps machine running longer Soft rubber drum and unique spring-loaded cam locking system for secure holding of sandpaper Drum does not slow down or speed up as it sands, resulting in a level, smooth finish without waves Weight of machine..
Brand: Essex Silver-Line Model: SL1218OVS.ESS
FeaturesThe SL-8V2 Hook & Loop Floor Sander offers a new alternative for the rental market. Developed, Engineered, & Manufactured By Essex Silver-Line for the DIY market. Easy to use, customer friendly! No Tools Required! Specifications   ..
Brand: Essex Silver-Line Model: U2D.ESS
The U2D from Silver-Line is designed to do the job effectively and inexpensively and can be hooked up to a vacuum!The Silver-Line U2D Underadiator Sander is perfect for hard to reach areas. We designed this machine to do a job quickly, easily and keep the machine simple at the same time...
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