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Depureco Industrial Vacuum M100-LP Dust Collector 5.2HP, 336 CFM

Depureco Industrial Vacuum M100-LP Dust Collector 5.2HP, 336 CFM
Depureco Industrial Vacuum M100-LP Dust Collector 5.2HP, 336 CFM
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California Proposition 69 Warning
Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Features and Benefits

  • Suction Unit: The vacuum is generated by 2 by-pass motors. Each motor is managed by an independent switch, permitting the operator to control the intake performance. The motors are located in a sturdy casing, with an insulating sponge to maintain a low noise level.
  • Filtering Element: The filtration is guaranteed by an M class polyester filter. The star shape enables air to flow through the filter even when it is dirty. The fabric of the filter is classified as M Class (BIA | EN 60335-2-69). This means that all particles till 1 micron are stopped by the filter so as to protect the motors and the operator around the vacuum cleaner.
  • Manual Filter Shaker: On one side of the filter chamber there is an ergonomic manual shaker through which the operator can easily and quickly clean the filter, removing any dust and debris from its surface. Thanks to this smart cleaning system the operator can carry on working without needing to change or wash the filter.
  • Longopac®: The vacuumed material is collected inside a durable plastic bag named Longopac® which is 20 mt. long. The bag is rolled up under the filter chamber and is adjustable for every need. The operator, once the bag is full, will seal the bag by closing it above the collected material, which falls automatically inside the bag during the vacuuming operations. The full part of the bag can subsequently be cut off and disposed of, in total safety, without any contact occurring between the operator and the material.


Equipment Type





Longpac bag




25.9" x 31.5" x 59.6" Tall

Dry Weight

154 lbs

Filter Cleaning

Manual Shaker


70mm / ~2.75"

Item No_


Motor Power

Three By-Pass, Total 3.3 HP

Noise Level

72 dBa

Surface Area

3720.01 in²

Vacuum Max

98 inH2O


110 V / 1 Ph / 60 Hz

Power sourceElectric

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