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Brand: Barreto Model: E3X4DGT
Designed exclusively for our 712MT micro trencher, the 3X4DGT features drop down ramps for simple loading and unloading.  A wheel bracket in the front secures the trencher to the trailer.  The textured powdercoat finish helps to increase traction and durability. SMALL AND LIGHTWEIGHT..
$1,199.00 $1,289.00
Brand: Barreto Model: E3X4TBT
The 3X4TBT is the standard for any Barreto tiller. Easy to transport, easy to load, and ready to rent. Featuring an all-steel frame and a quick connect bracket for the bumper of your tiller, hauling equipment has never been easier. SMALL AND LIGHTWEIGHT The Barreto 3X4TBT Trailer is ..
Brand: Barreto Model: E3X4DGT
Barreto offers a tilt-bed utility trailer to help you transport not only your Barreto  equipment, but also any other equipment in your fleet.  This trailer offers quick-change attachments that allow for easy loading.  Available with the bracket of your choice (tiller, mini-trencher, s..
$1,819.80 $1,951.00
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